Booking Terms and Conditions

Introductory Remarks

The Agreement for accommodation aboard Palm Harbor Charter vessels shall enter into force once the fee for the accommodation aboard the vessel is paid in full. Everything published in our reservation packages represents a legal obligation for both us and you and constitutes an integral part of the agreement. These Terms and Conditions shall be the sole basis for the resolution of any disputes that arise between us. Therefore we ask you to read them carefully.

Booking & Payment

You can book any of our vessels by e-mail, phone, fax, or directly. Chartered and Rented vessels with control equipment may be used only once the payment has been made in full. The Charterer or renter shall submit his or her name and address in the form of a government-issued ID before departing. If the entire amount is not paid, the Agreement shall be terminated, and the Palm Harbor Charters shall reserve the right to keep the amount already paid. By booking with Palm Harbor Charters, the charterer or renter agrees to the terms and conditions of our booking agent, Fare Harbor. Fare Harbors Terms of Service can be found here

Charter & Rental Fee

The charter or rental fee includes the fee for a vessel equipped according to the official package list offered by Palm Harbor Charters. The charter or rental fee does not include other costs, such as food and fuel. All vessels shall be delivered full fuel tank(s), in working condition, and clean; it must be redelivered in the same condition (or fuel fees have been prepaid or paid upon return in cash).

Charter or Rental Cancellation

If the Charterer or Renter is unable to commence with the vessel for any reason, Palm Harbor Charters Cancellation Policy will apply. Palm Harbors Cancellation Policy

Security Deposit

The security deposit shall be paid (the amount is set based on the package list for each vessel) in the form of a credit card hold. The hold will be placed 24 hours before your scheduled departure time. The entire amount of the security deposit shall be returned upon redelivery of the vessel, with the accompanying equipment, and if the vessel is undamaged or within 3 days. In case of loss of or damage to the equipment, individual parts of the vessel, or theft of the vessel itself, Palm Harbor Charters, LLC shall keep a certain portion of the entire security deposit corresponding to the amount for the procurement of the lost or damaged equipment or for the repair of that individual part of the vessel. For specific costs for incidentals, such as cleaning fees and cosmetic damage please refer to either the Charter Terms and Conditions or the Rental Terms and Conditions.


Each vessel has casco and compulsory insurance for passengers. The vessel insurance is defined in the terms and conditions laid down by the insurer that insures the vessel. Any damage normally covered by the insurance policy, but not notified to the insurer immediately, shall not be recognized. In that case, the Charterer or Renter shall be personally responsible for the damage due to failure to notify the damage. If the vessel is damaged, the Charterer or Renter shall bear the costs incurred for its repair. In case of gross negligence or failure to notify damage, the Charterer or Renter shall bear all costs. Charterer and renter's personal property is not insured.

Vessel Departure & Return

The vessel departure and return are specifically outlined per package or its terms and conditions.

The definition of departure is that the vessel is prepared and is ready for departure based on the booking package and specification of the reservation. If the vessel is not ready due to inclement weather, late return, or any act outside of the control of Palm Harbor Charters, Palm Harbor Charters will address the issue on a "per situation basis". Palm Harbor Charters will not be responsible for such events, however, will do its best to remedy the issue such as matters as a rebooking of the reservation.

Return is the act of the vessel returning to the marina. Please review booking packages and specifications for vessel-specific late fees and return procedures.

The Charterer's or Renter's Obligations & Responsibilities

The vessel operators are advised to handle the vessel carefully and follow all the rules. The charterer or renter undertakes not to steer the vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Charterer or Renter must check the condition of the vessel and equipment. All comments must be submitted before the use of the accommodation service. All deficiencies and malfunctions of the vessel and/or equipment that are not noticed by the Principal during the delivery shall not entitle the Charterer or Renter to request a reduction of the fee for the accommodation aboard the vessel. Pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) may not be kept on the vessel unless agreed otherwise in advance. The Charterer or Renter shall remove all waste from the vessel before returning the vessel.

Any damages and cleaning of spots on the vessel caused by sunscreen shall be paid from the security deposit. The Charterer or Renter must possess an appropriate vessel operator’s license. If Palm Harbor Charters finds that the vessel operator does not possess the necessary knowledge, license, and skills, we may deny service. The vessel operator shall be liable for the safe operation of the vessel and for all consequences connected with letting the vessel be managed by unauthorized persons. The Charterer or Renter shall not sub-charter or sub-rent the vessel, lend it to another person or use it for commercial purposes. In case of large-scale damage, as well as where other vessels are involved, the situation shall be notified to the competent port authority, and an accident report (signed by both parties) for the insurance company shall be created. Furthermore, the Palm Harbor Charters shall be notified immediately of the situation.

If the Charterer or Renters fails to follow the above instructions, they shall bear the costs of the damage incurred. The Charterer or Renter shall be liable for the vessel if it is seized by any official body due to inappropriate or illegal actions while used for the duration of the Agreement.

Regulation of Damage

In case of an average or accident, there shall be made a detailed report certified by law-enforcement. The same procedure should be followed also in the case of theft. No observation of provisions and penalty, if any, shall be borne by the Charterer or Renter as a whole. In case of a vessel touches bottom (beaching), Palm Harbor Charters should be immediately informed on that, who will check whether the keel and hull are in faultless condition. Repair of the damage, loss of equipment, loss of propeller, crane costs, damage to engine or interior caused by the fault of the Charterer or Renter shall be paid from the security deposit money. The Charter or Renter is responsible for the damage because of improper handling of the vessel and its equipment. In order to avoid the loss of charter or rental, all costs that cannot be calculated immediately or breakdowns that can be repaired later, the Palm Harbor Charters will take the estimated amount from the security deposit. If the vessel would be damaged because of gross negligence of a Charterer or Renter, he will be liable for the damage and consequences of that damage, particularly for the loss of following weeks of a charter.

Boats are intended for use by the certified number and weight of passengers and gear.

Do not overload boats; you will be fined. When loading people and gear on boats, try to evenly distribute weight both side-to-side and front to back. This will make for safer operation and ensure that the bow does not plow through large waves that you may encounter. Max weight with all gear 1354 for Pontoon rental


Claims, if any, resulting from the charter or rental of a vessel should be sent in writing to the lessor 14 days upon the end of charter or rental at the latest. Palm Harbor Charter can recognize only those complaints which are submitted in writing during the redelivery of the vessel and its discretion will determine the proper course of action. All other claims are excluded.


The parties shall endeavor to resolve any misunderstanding or dispute amicably. If they are unable to resolve it amicably, the court with the territorial jurisdiction of Palm Harbor Charters registered office shall have jurisdiction.