Rental Boat Policy

Rental Boat Terms and Conditions of Use

Equipment is not to be taken outside of prescribed operation area
None of our boats are allowed beyond the barrier islands (offshore). Refer to maps for approved operation area. Boats have GPS locators, so we know where you are at all times.

Boats are intended for use by the certified number and weight of passengers and gear.
Do not overload boats; you will be fined. When loading people and gear on boats, try to evenly distribute weight both side-to-side and front to back. This will make for safer operation and ensure that the bow does not plow through large waves that you may encounter. Max weight with all gear 1354 for Pontoon rental

All safe boating regulations must be followed including no wake zones, life preservers for children and all others.
You are personally responsible for any damage to our boats, other boats or other property caused by your violation of safe boating regulations or of Palm Harbor Charters LLC rental boat conditions of use.

It is illegal for boat operators to consume alcohol or drugs of any kind regardless of the degree of impairment.
Renters who are known to be drinking alcohol will be refused the use of a boat. If you have a reservation but are obviously intoxicated, you will be refused a boat and charged for the cancellation.

Equipment must be returned on time, there is no grace period for late returns.

All damage to the equipment that is caused as a result of the lessee’s operation or oversight is the sole responsibility of the lessee.
Do not leave boats unattended.

Lessee is responsible for being aware of tides, currents and winds.
Do not beach boats or allow boats to become beached by falling tides or changing winds.

Boats are to be returned relatively clean and in the same condition as they were when you took them out.
Inspect the boat carefully before taking it out because you will be charged for any new damage upon your return to the dock.

No one under 21 can operate boats.

You are not allowed to let anyone other than the primary renter use or operate the boat.
Anyone who may be serving as an operator needs to be identified and to sign this agreement. If you do allow anyone else to use the boat you are entirely personally responsible for any damage that they cause to our boat or to other persons or properties.

All operators must have a cell phone on board, and we must have this number.

Do not attempt to locate or disable GPS locator on boats
these are placed there for your safety and convenience.

In any areas with marked channels always stay between green and red markers.
Remember keep red markers on your right side when you are returning to port and green on your left. This also means that green markers should be on your right as you head out from the marina. Refer to the provided map to determine channel location and approximate water depth.

Any time you are in less than 3′ of water go dead slow, this means as slow as the boat will go while in gear.

No pets are allowed on Boats. No Smoking or recreational drugs including e cigs.

Prohibited uses: Customers may not use boats for any use not intended by manufacturer. In addition, customers shall not use the boat in any of the following manners:

  1. In any type of race or competitive event
  2. For any illegal purpose or in an illegal manner
  3. To carry any type of hazardous or explosive substance
  4. To push or tow any other watercraft or tubes, skis or other water toys
  5. After dusk or during the night
  6. To carry loads beyond stated capacity
  7. In a reckless, abusive or negligent manner
  8. By any person consuming alcohol or drugs
  9. If further use may cause damage to boat or motor (warning light or buzzer on)
  10. In violation of the terms and conditions of this agreement in any way
  11. Outside of approved use area

In no event shall customer sub-lease boat to another person or entity.
Customer’s rights under this agreement are non-transferable.

If watercraft is obtained by fraud or misrepresentation, is used for an illegal purpose or in violation of these conditions in any way, all rights to the use of the watercraft are revoked and subsequent use is without owner’s permission.
In any such case, the marina has the right to immediately repossess the boat and keep all rental fees and charge customer for any damage to boat.

No marina staff has the right to change any of the terms or conditions of this agreement (except an owner when done in writing).

If any provision of this agreement is found to be void, invalid or unenforceable, such finding shall not affect the validity or enforce ability of any other part of this agreement.

This agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter contained herein and shall supersede all other agreements, either oral or written, with respect to the same.
This agreement is binding upon the heirs, successors and assigns of the parties.

At this time our customers are not allowed to take any of our boats Offshore.
No boats are allowed beyond the barrier islands.

Fees and Fines for Violation of Terms & Conditions:

  1. Beaching Boat – $100 fine for beaching boat plus additional fee of $150 if we must send someone to pick you up and free the boat. There is an additional fine of $150 per day if we are unable to free the boat and must return another day on the high tide to free the boat.
  2. Fees for loss or misuse of safety equipment – $50 for breaking seal on flare kit except for in a legitimate emergency. $50 for use of fire extinguisher except in a legitimate emergency. $25 fee for loss or damage to life preservers. $50 fee for loss of one anchor, $100 fee for loss of both anchors. Other items lost or damaged to be charged at cost of replacement.
  3. There is a $100 per hour late charge, which is payable anytime over 5 minutes into the hour.
  4. There is a $75 fee for propeller damage that is rebuildable and a $150 fee for damage that is too extensive to be rebuilt. Ability to rebuild propeller or not is to be determined by Palm Harbor Charters LLC.
  5. Any boats known to have been run aground or beached in sand (we can tell from propellers) will be charged $75 for removal of lower unit and inspection of water pump impeller. If impeller is damaged actual replacement part cost will be charged for replacement.
  6. A $100 fee will be charged for operation out of approved area (refer to map) and a $150 additional fee will be charged if we have to send a representative to assist you with a problem when you are outside of operation area.
  7. For damage to fiberglass, cushions, cowlings, electronics, etc. you will be charged actual cost of parts plus $95 per hour for making repairs.
  8. A cleaning fee of $50 will be charged for bringing boat back excessively dirty. You may also choose to clean up the boat yourself; we will provide a bucket, soap and a brush. A little bit of sand and normal dirt is acceptable without a charge but if boat is brought back covered with dirt, sand, trash, food or fish blood and you do not wash it, you will be charged.
  9. There will be a penalty of $500 for any attempt to disconnect or otherwise disable GPS locator system on boats.